Vote Barnes 2020

Vote Barnes 2020

Vote Barnes 2020Vote Barnes 2020Vote Barnes 2020

A better future starts today

A 2020 Vision

A solutionist is better than a Socialist

Hagerstown needs leadership worthy of its potential. I believe I am that leader.  I refuse to accept things the way they are now and we will work to fix the problems that our current leaders have left unchecked. 

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My First 100 Days


Improving Public Safety

I will make it a key priority to find room in the budget to hire more officers. Working with local law enforcement to provide better recruiting tools for new officers and expanding the capabilities of our brave local heroes will be a top priority in my city administration.


Citizen Engagement

Common sense leadership starts with balancing the current deficit budget. I will be going through the budget line by line to make sure every single dollar of your tax money is spent with purpose. Careful consideration will be given to proposed planning and development of the area to make sure we are growing wisely and in a way that brings revenue back to Hagerstown.


Joining the Booming Economy

I will provide forward thinking leadership to bring back good paying  jobs, encourage investment in the community and make Hagerstown Part of the success of the booming economy we keep hearing about.  Bringing investment back to the community and rebuilding what the current leadership has left fall apart is a top priority. Investment will come in the form of smart growth and development, new industries like tech and  encouraging entrepreneurs  to bring new business and new ideas to the area.


How You Can Help Today

Call the number 301-730-7885 to volunteer for Mike and help make a difference in any way possible. Or click the donate button below. We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to your vote in April and November!